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Marsha Barber

Meet Marsha Barber, the creative force behind My Prints by Marsha. With a lifelong passion for photography and a keen eye for capturing the beauty of the world around her, Marsha has dedicated herself to sharing her unique vision with others. 

Based in Albany, Louisiana, Marsha specializes in original professional photography prints that exude an ethereal glow, thanks to her unique printing process on pearl paper. Whether she's capturing the majestic beauty of landscapes or the nostalgic charm of rural scenes, Marsha's photographs transport viewers to another world, evoking emotions and stirring memories with each image. 

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Uncover the world in amazing photography prints! Get in touch with My Prints by Marsha and explore my travels with beautiful, ready-to-frame photographs. I'm just a click away to answer any of your queries and help you choose the perfect print for your space.